Miami performances are at the Sanford and Dolores Ziff Ballet Opera House at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County, 1300 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami.

Fort Lauderdale performances are at the Au-Rene Theater at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, 201 SW 5th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale.

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Children must be at least six years old to attend.


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A Masked Ball

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Gustavo is a leader loved by his people but surrounded by conspirators. He also harbors a secret shame: he adores Amelia, the wife of his closest friend and loyal minister, Count Anckarström. Anckarström interrupts a meeting between Amelia and Gustavo. Furious, he determines to join a conspiratorial plot to assassinate his master. At a masked ball he stabs Gustavo. With his dying breath Gustavo forgives Anckarström and assures him of Amelia's innocence.

GustavoRafael Davila [Apr 29, May 2, 6, 11]
Jonathan Burton [Apr 30, May 5, 13]
AmeliaTamara Wilson* [Apr 29, May 2, 6, 11]
Alexandra LoBianco* [Apr 30, May 5, 13]
Count AnckarströmTodd Thomas
OscarElena Galván
UlricaDana Beth Miller
A JudgeBenjamin Werley*
CristianoNicholas J. Ward
Amelia’s ServantBenjamin Werley*
Count RibbingCalvin Griffin
Count HornAlex Soare
ConductorRamón Tebar
DirectorMarco Pelle
ProductionUtah Opera
 * = FGO debut

Sung in Italian with English and Spanish projected titles

Photo © Deborah Gray Mitchell for Florida Grand Opera

Act I

A crowd waits to meet with King Gustavo as conspirators, led by Horn and Ribbing, watch. Oscar, the page, announces Gustavo, presenting him with the invitation list to a ball. On the list is Amelia, whom Gustavo secretly loves. After Gustavo dismisses the crowd, Oscar admits his secretary and friend, Anckarström, who is Amelia’s husband. Anckarström notices his sadness, making Gustavo fear his secret is known. Anckarström thinks Gustavo is worried about a plot against his life. Relieved, Gustavo refuses to let Anckarström reveal the conspirators, wishing to avoid bloodshed and believing that he is protected by his subjects’ love. Oscar admits the Chief Magistrate, who wants to banish a fortune-teller named Ulrica. Gustavo decides to see her himself, ordering his court to disguise themselves and meet at her cave.

Ulrica reads the palm of Cristiano, a sailor, predicting gold and rank. Gustavo, unnoticed, slips money and a promotion into Cristiano’s pocket. In the ensuing exclamations Gustavo notices Amelia’s servant slip in to ask for a private audience. Ulrica sends the crowd away, but Gustavo hides. Amelia, tormented by love, wants peace. Ulrica tells her to go at midnight to gather an herb growing by the gallows west of the city. Gustavo, overjoyed to find out his desire is reciprocated, plans to follow Amelia that night. After Amelia leaves, Ulrica allows the throng back in. In his disguise, Gustavo forces Ulrica to read his palm. She reveals he will soon be slain by the next person to shake his hand. Gustavo, amused, tries to get someone to take his hand, succeeding when Anckarström, who didn’t hear the prophecy, arrives. All are relieved: Anckarström is Gustavo’s close friend. All sing praises to their ruler while Ulrica mutters that he has one foot in the grave.

Act II

Amelia arrives at the gallows. Accosted by Gustavo, she begs him to preserve her good name. He insists she tell him she loves him. As she succumbs, Anckarström arrives. Amelia veils her face. Anckarström has been spying on the conspirators, who are nearby. Anckarström points out an escape route to Gustavo, who asks him to lead the veiled lady to the city gates. After Gustavo slips away, Anckarström is accosted by the conspirators, who mistake him for Gustavo. They realize their mistake and decide to have some fun with the woman he guards. When the secretary draws his sword Amelia casts off her veil. To the laughter of the conspirators Anckarström realizes that he has just saved the life of a man who, he thinks, has just had an assignation with his wife. He invites Horn and Ribbing to visit him in the morning and icily leads Amelia back to the city.


The next day, Anckarström refuses to believe that Amelia is innocent, telling her to prepare to die. Amelia begs him to let her to say goodbye to their son, and he grants her that. When she leaves he decides that Gustavo should be the victim of his rage. Horn and Ribbing arrive. Rather than turning them in, he joins their plot. They agree to draw lots and have Amelia make the selection. She draws Anckarström’s name and realizes that he intends to kill Gustavo. The conspirators decide to follow through with their plot at the ball.

Gustavo has decided to do the honorable thing and remove Amelia from court by posting Anckarström abroad. He reads a note warning that an attempt on his life will be made at the ball. He chooses to ignore it, not wanting to appear a coward and wishing to see Amelia once more.

At the ball, Anckarström gets Oscar to reveal Gustavo’s costume. Amelia begs Gustavo to save himself. He tells her he is sending her away. As they bid each other farewell, Anckarström shoots him. As Gustavo dies, he confesses his love for Amelia and shows the letter ordering Anckarström to England. He swears that Amelia is innocent and, in his final act, pardons Anckarström.

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