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Performances are at the Miami-Dade County Auditorium, 2901 West Flagler Street, Miami, FL 33135.

Children must be at least six years old to attend.

Il matrimonio segreto

Single tickets on sale September 3, 2019
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Il matrimonio segreto with Justin Moss


A father attempts to marry off his daughter with dramatic results and surprising complications in one of the most successful comic operas from the late eighteenth century. Cimarosa’s Il matrimono segreto (The Secret Marriage) is the perfect opera for anyone who loves the music of Rossini (The Barber of Seville) and the comedy of Mozart (The Marriage of Figaro). Discover this charming score and become part of the drama when a family secret is uncovered and changes everything.

GeronimoRafael Porto
CarolinaAsleif Willmer
ElisettaShaina Martinez
FidalmaStephany Peña
Count RobinsonNathan Matticks
PaolinoNicholas Huff
ConductorEmily Senturia*
DirectorCrystal Manich*
ProductionFlorida Grand Opera
Costume DesignerDarío Almirón*
Wig and Make-up DesignerSue Schaefer
Assistant ConductorMichelle Rofrano
 * = FGO debut

Sung in Spanish with English and Spanish projected translations


Act I

Carolina, the younger daughter of the rich merchant Geronimo, has secretly married Paolino, her father’s clerk. They worry about how to break the news to her irascible and slightly deaf father. Paolino, believing that the status-hungry Geronimo will be more likely to treat them kindly if at least one of his daughters has married above her station, has contracted a match between Count Robinson and Geronimo’s older daughter Elisetta.

Elisetta takes to the idea of becoming a countess and immediately accuses Carolina of impertinence. The girls’ widowed aunt Fidalma, who lives with them, tries to keep the peace. After Carolina leaves, Fidalma confesses to Elisetta that she is interested in remarrying—none other than Paulino.

Paolino introduces the Count, who is happy to address the pretty Carolina as his fiancée. When told that this assumption is incorrect, he turns to Fidalma. Disabused there as well, he is confronted with Elisetta, the least attractive of the three. He is not pleased, and he tells Paulino that he has decided that he would rather marry Carolina.

Elisetta overhears the Count’s proposal to Carolina. As Carolina and Paulino worry about the situation they find themselves in, Elisetta feels angry and betrayed, Fidalma confused, and Geronimo clueless as to what is happening around him.

Act II

The Count tells Geronimo that he refuses to marry Elisetta, and Geronimo insists that he must do so—that is, until the Count offers to cut the dowry in half if Geronimo will give him Carolina.

Paolino decides to confide in Fidalma and enlist her help. However, Fidalma mistakes his confused state as a profession of love, and she agrees to marry him, causing him to faint. Carolina comes upon them and mistakes the situation, getting hurt and angry at what she perceives as Paolino’s betrayal. Paolina convinces Carolina of his good faith, and he tells her they have no option but to escape.

The Count tries to convince Elisetta that he is no good for her. She refuses to believe his catalogue of defects. Geronimo decides that Carolina must go to a convent.

That night, the fugitive couple are caught together in Carolina’s room as they prepare to leave the household. They confess that they have been married for two months. The Count quickly decides to make the best of the situation and to marry Elisetta. All ends happily.

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