The conversations take place at the Center for Spiritual Living in Oakland Park, 4849 North Dixie Hwy, Oakland Park, FL 33334.

Community Conversations

Admission is free: RSVP is strongly recommended.

Hosted by the Center for Spiritual Living in Oakland Park (4849 North Dixie Highway, Oakland Park, FL 33334):

Join us for a conversation with partners from across Florida to sustain advocacy for equality and inclusion. Together, we will work towards shifting social attitudes toward greater respect and acceptance of LGBTQ+ communities.

Community Conversations are a series of thought-provoking discussions that connect the opera art form with religion, politics, and the humanities. Using the mainstage season as a catalyst, these hour-long events, in partnership with other regional cultural organizations, serve adult audiences and stimulate conversations about life and art that speak to the communities of South Florida.

Community Conversations series will focus on the opera Fellow Travelers composed by Gregory Spears. The opera is set during the McCarthy era of the 1950s and focuses on the “lavender scare,” a witch-hunt and mass firings of gay people from the United States government. The story centers on the love affair between two men working for the federal government—Hawkins “Hawk” Fuller, a State Department official, and Timothy Laughlin, a recent college graduate working in a senator’s office.

FGO Studio Artists will also be part of the program, performing selections from the opera Fellow Travelers.

All events are held in strict accordance with CDC guidelines for social distancing. Face masks are required to be worn at all times.


The Next Generation Is Queer (Category: Social)
April 27, 2021, at 7:30 PM
Trans and non-binary people are the most marginalized and vulnerable communities within the LGBTQ+ family. Meet some of the most powerful leaders representing these communities and learn more about the issues that affect the “T” and the “Q.” This conversation would be unimaginable within the context of the opera Fellow Travelers and the political climate during the 1950s.

Moderator: Tony Lima (LGBTQI+ Advocate)
Confirmed Panelists:
Arianna Lint (Arianna’s Center, Founder and CEO)
Deanna Muniz (Recovery Releaf, LLC, Owner and Founder)
Fay WHAT! Albernas (LGBTQI+ Advocate – Influencer)
June Romero (Performing Artist; LGBTQI+ Advocate)
Morgan Mayfaire (TransSOCIAL, Inc, Co-Founder)
Schaffer Zaret (Pridelines, Director of Development)
Terry Dyer (SunServe, Director of Development)

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All events are free and open to the public. Space is limited, RSVP recommended.

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