Children must be at least six years old to attend.

Miami performances are at the Sanford and Dolores Ziff Ballet Opera House at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County, 1300 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami.

Fort Lauderdale performances are at the Au-Rene Theater at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, 201 SW 5th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale.

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Lucia di Lammermoor

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Gaetano Donizetti
Libretto by Salvadore Cammarano

Donizetti's rivetting tale of unrestrained passion, madness, murder and suicide.

“Eglise Gutiérrez clearly has coloratura technique to burn. The tiny Cuban–American soprano combines her vocal acuity with an emotional presence and a Method-like ability to listen moment-to-moment that makes her an opera-lover's (and a theater-lover's) dream.” Opera News

“As Germont, Mark Walters...made a tall, dignified presence, conveying bourgeois respectability, and wielded his ample baritone with elegance and style.” Lawrence A. Johnson, Miami Herald

“María Alejandres's flawless voice was matched be perfect stage presence, musicality and grace.” Irene Brisson

IT'S SHEER MADNESS. Poor Lucia really did not want to marry that man!

Experience powerful drama in the opera that features the greatest “Mad Scene” in all of grand opera. Driven insane with sorrow, Lucia kills her new husband in the bridal chamber and horrifies the guests. Lucia di Lammermoor is one of the most popular of the Italian bel canto operas and a timeless classic that continues to captivate audiences.

Florida Grand Opera welcomes back the sensational Eglise Gutiérrez following her highly acclaimed performances as Violetta in FGO's 2008 production of La traviata. She has become internationally recognized as one of the leading upcoming sopranos in the heart-wrenching role of Lucia. The upcoming Mexican soprano María Alejandres will perform the title role on January 27 and 30, prior to her performances of Juliette in Roméo et Juliette at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden. Spanish tenor Israel Lozano will join Ms. Gutiérrez as Edgardo. He is a 2003 winner of the Plácido Domingo International Operalia Competition and has sung leading roles with Washington National Opera, Los Angeles Opera, and Palm Beach Opera, among others.


cast headshots

Eglise Gutiérrez, Jan 23, 26, 29 and 31 in Miami; Feb 4 & 6 in Broward
María Alejandres, Jan 27 & 30 in Miami

Israel Lozano, Jan 23, 26, 29 and 31 in Miami; Feb 4 & 6 in Broward
Mark Panuccio, Jan 27 & 30 in Miami

Mark Walters, Jan 23, 26, 29 and 31 in Miami; Feb 4 & 6 in Broward
Jeremy Kelly, Jan 27 & 30 in Miami

Jordan Bisch

Ramon Tebar

Stage Director
Renaud Doucet

Set and Costume Designer
André Barbe

Lighting Designer
Gordon W. Olson

Florida Grand Opera

Eglise Gutiérrez as Lucia. Photo courtesy of Savonlinna Opera Festival.

Sung in Italian with English and Spanish projected titles.

Production sponsored by the Audrey Love Charitable Foundation
Co-sponsorship support provided by Mrs. Rose Miniaci


Lammermoor district, Scotland

Act I. Scene 1. The grounds of Ravenswood Castle before dawn

Lord Enrico Ashton has ordered Normanno to have his men search the grounds of Ravenswood Castle for Edgardo Ravenswood, his archenemy and former owner of the estate. Enrico realizes his financial position is precarious; he feels he can be saved only by arranging the marriage of his sister Lucia to Arturo Bucklaw, and so allying the Ashtons with this powerful clan. Lucia, however, has so far refused the marriage, and has fallen in love with a mysterious stranger who saved her from being gored by a bull. Suspecting this “savior” was Edgardo, and learning that he has been seen nearby, Enrico vows to “drown in blood” Edgardo’s love for Lucia.

Scene 2. At dawn

Lucia and her maid Alisa are waiting to meet Edgardo. Lucia tells Alisa the story of one of Ravenswood’s ancestors who, in a fit of jealous rage, cruelly murdered a girlfriend and threw her body in the fountain. She describes to Alisa how she has seen the woman’s bloody ghost beckoning to her. Alisa interprets this to be a dire prophecy; nevertheless, Lucia cannot stop loving Edgardo. Edgardo arrives with the news that he must leave immediately on a diplomatic mission to France. Before departing, he wishes to try to make peace with Enrico and ask him for Lucia’s hand, but fears what her brother would do to them if he knew of their love. Since there is no hope of a formal marriage ceremony, they swear their marriage vows and exchange rings.

Act II. Scene 1. Ravenswood Castle, months later

Against his sister’s will, Enrico has proceeded with his plans to marry her to Arturo. The wedding will take place this very day; the guests and groom are expected soon. Lucia comes to plead with Enrico not to force the marriage, telling him she is already promised to another. Enrico shows her a forged letter, supposedly from Edgardo, saying he has found a new love. Lucia is extremely distraught; Enrico pretends to console her. A fanfare announces the arrival of Arturo. Lucia is overwhelmed by the turn of events and prays for death.

Scene 2. The same day

Family and friends await Arturo’s arrival for the signing of the wedding contract. Upon entering, he tells Enrico he knows full well the implications of the marriage. Lucia arrives obviously distressed. Enrico assures Arturo that she only mourns her deceased mother. As if signing her own death warrant, Lucia signs the marriage contract. Suddenly, Edgardo arrives to claim Lucia, and in this moment, all reflect on their emotions: Edgardo, his conflicting rage with and love for Lucia; Enrico, his fury at Edgardo’s arrival; and Lucia, her passive despair. Weapons are drawn, but Raimondo, the minister, shows Edgardo the wedding contract; he is horrified to see Lucia’s signature. He returns the ring she gave him and curses her. As

Act III. Scene 1. Ravenswood Castle later that night

Late that evening, as the festive mood continues at Ravenswood Castle, Raimondo suddenly staggers in and stops the celebration with the news that Lucia has stabbed her husband to death. She is now raving and insane. Lucia enters stained with blood. Delirious, she imagines she is safe with Edgardo; she visualizes their joyful wedding ceremony. Lucia senses her imminent death and says that only when Edgardo joins her in heaven will her happiness be complete. Enrico realizes his guilt.

Scene 2. The Grounds of Ravenswood Castle before dawn

Edgardo arrives at the Castle, site of his planned duel with Enrico. Instead of his rival, he finds mourners coming from the castle. He hears that even in her madness, her last call was for him. The castle bell announces Lucia’s death. To join his true love in heaven, Edgardo takes his own life.

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